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Image by Brandon Holmes

His history ...

Francis is a brilliant young man! Filled with courage and resilience… Despite the many pitfalls he encountered during his life, he always managed to keep a smile and his legendary sense of humor!

Life, for a few years, sends him a huge ordeal that creates immense stress and an inability to work many hours.

At the age of 19, he was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure.

This means that his kidneys have deteriorated very quickly, and a kidney transplant is necessary.

Unfortunately, his relatives are unable to donate to him during their lifetime. Francis, therefore, registered on the Québec-Transplant waiting list in February 2020 and has been waiting for a transplant since that time.

He started hemodialysis in March 2021

Given the side effects and the number of hours he has to spend in treatment for his dialysis (16 hours minimum per week), his working hours are very limited and it is not possible for him to have a collective insurance.

Medication costs, dietary requirements, transportation expenses and the ever-increasing cost of living create pressure on him that he definitely doesn't need!

The next few months are going to be very difficult for him and his girlfriend despite the support of his family.

Everything that will follow after his transplant and his convalescence will cause him several more months of weekly follow-ups… Following his surgery, he will therefore not be able to work full time for some time yet.

The most important thing for Francis from now on is that he stays healthy, in good spirits, in the calm he needs to get through this surgery and what will follow, with the tools and means necessary to he manages to find a normal life again and that, at the dawn of his 30th birthday, he can feel solid to finally start the life he should have!

It is for all these reasons that we are asking for your financial help.

And it is collectively that we will get there!

Every little gesture counts ♥️

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