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  • Offered by Maryse Monfette

    Certified Coach in Neuro Activ Coach


    In person at Roxton Pond or via video (internet)


    $45 (value of $90)


    450 922-1755

    Maryse Monfette Certified Neuro Activ Coach - 90 minute individual session

    SKU: 003
    • is a personalized, structured and professional support, allowing you to obtain significant, measurable and verifiable results in your personal and professional life for sustainability over time.

      • To reach your healthy weight
      • Stop smoking
      • For a return to studies, professional orientation
      • A job change
      • To meet new challenges
      • A future project
      • To improve communication and self-confidence
      • To stop procrastinating
      • To improve life "Patterns"
      • And more...
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